New product and Development Assistance

Need help with your design? Contact us regarding assistance with your product, our engineering staff is made up of over 50 years experience, serving all types of applications. Your solution is only an E-mail, or Phone call away.

Low Cost Tooling (Does not exceed $250 in most cases)

LITH-O-ROLL'S unique method of mold tooling designs, have saved customers a vast amount of money. We use standard sized tools and make only the tooling that is necessary to mold your product, saving you sometimes thousands of dollars. Send in your roller or all rubber molded part requirements for a quote today.

Quick Turnaround on Prototype Orders (4 weeks or less)

LITH-O-ROLL knows that in today's world things need to happen quickly. We are a all "IN-HOUSE" manufacturing facility, from engineering to completed product. our turn-a-round time on prototype orders is 4 weeks or less.

Supplier Managed Inventory, and Ship to Order

LITH-O-ROLL will work with you to maintain a steady flow of product. We gladly accept annual purchase orders/contracts which in turn cut your cost, by reducing repetitive ordering, and combining your annual buy to lower cost on materials and set-ups.