Vulcanized Rubber Rollers

We produce a wide range of made-to-order rubber rollers for OEM customers.  Sample applications include:


    • Precision Rollers for the Aerospace Industry
    • Laminating Rollers
    • Feed and Transport Rollers
    • Precision Capstan Rollers
    • Pinch and Squeegee Rollers
    • Platen Rollers
    • Gate Guide Rollers
    • Vibration Mounts
    • Metal decorating Print Rollers
    • High Temp Fuser Rollers
    • Label Applicator Rollers
    • Booklet, Coil Inserter Rollers
    • Photo Developer rollers
    • Automotive Coil Spring Spacers
    • Rollers for Carpet and Textile Machines


    Machined Metal Components

    In addition of Rubber to Metal Rollers, LITH-O-ROLL'S capabilities include all Metal and Plastic machining, with tight tolerances, and surface finish requirements. We have a highly trained team in our Grinding Department capable of meeting your specific requirements.

    All Rubber Molded Compounds

    Although LITH-O-ROLL is mainly a Roller manufacturer we currently manufacture all rubber molded components too. If you have a requirement for an all rubber molded component send in your specifications for a competitive quote. Applications include but are not limited to; Seals, Mats, Roller Sleeves, etc.

    Accessories for the Printing Industry

    Water Sleeves

    JOMAC "Water Sleeves" directly replace 3M Sleeves. Their synthetic fiber controls water transfer for superior printing. LITH-O-ROLL stocks "Water Sleeves" for the 3M style Water Form rollers that we manufacture.

    Roller Wash

    LOR-326, Roller Wash, see more information on our Press Accessories Page.

    Compressible Blankets

    LITH-O-ROLL Compressible Blankets are rated as Premium Grade, yet are economically priced. Our Compressible Blankets are pin-hole free and are surface finished to provide optimum printing results.