All Rubber Molded Compounds

Although LITH-O-ROLL is mainly a Roller manufacturer we currently manufacture all rubber molded components too. If you have a requirement for an all rubber molded component send in your specifications for a competitive quote. Applications include but are not limited to; Seals, Mats, Roller Sleeves, etc.

Machined Metal Components

In addition of Rubber to Metal Rollers, LITH-O-ROLL'S capabilities include all Metal and Plastic machining, with tight tolerances, and surface finish requirements. We have a highly trained team in our Grinding Department capable of meeting your specific requirements.

Vulcanized Rubber Rollers

 LITH-O-ROLL has been in business for 60 years, manufacturing rollers for all types of applications. If you are looking for a roller manufacturer,  you have arrived at one of America's premier roller manufacturing facilities.

Accessories for the Printing Industry

Water Sleeves

JOMAC "Water Sleeves" directly replace 3M Sleeves. Their synthetic fiber controls water transfer for superior printing. LITH-O-ROLL stocks "Water Sleeves" for the 3M style Water Form rollers that we manufacture.

Roller Wash

LOR-326, Roller Wash, see more information on our Press Accessories Page.

Compressible Blankets

LITH-O-ROLL Compressible Blankets are rated as Premium Grade, yet are economically priced. Our Compressible Blankets are pin-hole free and are surface finished to provide optimum printing results.